Sunday, 22 December 2013

Speed Modelling / Product renders

Over the last few months I worked on a pretty wide variety of projects,one of these was modelling and rendering prototypes/products.I worked on everything from key-chains to colanders building models for 3d printing and interactive displays.The real challenge was to get them modelled and rendered within a deadline of just a few hours for promotional campaigns/websites,this is just a handful of the ones I worked on.

Weightlifting straps model and product render-

Prototype of a series of light-up photo booths -

Model and Rendering of an electronic pulse massager-

Saturday, 16 November 2013

Jurassic park-Cryengine 3

At the start of the year I played around a bit in Cryengine 3 building a Jurassic Park environment,I recently was looking into Cryengine's camera tools more in depth and spent some playing around and making a video with project.I experimented a little more with the and camera fx,animation and looked at how the engine's time of day lighting worked and could be customised.

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Still shot using camera depth blur.

Thursday, 3 October 2013

CG Modelling - Environment Props 3#

Frigate model built for Halo 4 Spatan Ops cinematic's by Axis Animation.Another model I built for the cg series this was seen in the episode one UNSC Infinity launch sequence.Various sections were built to be animated including small details like the railings and the main platform which extended out.

Colin Kaszynski 2012 / Axis Animation

Click to Enlarge

Friday, 23 August 2013

CG Modelling - Environment Props 2#

Another prop render for Halo 4,this one is the driver attachment which is used to bolt the Spartans suit pieces on.The driver is supported on the arm and can be automated or manually used and has three head attachments for the various bolt types.The model has some fairly complex parts (the main body being cylindrical to tapered and the front piece holding the drills in particular).
Modelled in Maya 2012.Click to Enlarge.

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Website / Showreel Update

Spent a little time working on my website and adding some additional shots to my showreel in the last few days,had lots of renders going so added some new work to the portfolio section and a a whole new blog section with some highlights I've posted over the last year,check out the new gallery's here -

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

CG Modelling - Environment Props

Another set of renders from my work on Halo 4 Spartan Ops series,this time I thought I'd show some the mechanical props I worked on.These two pieces are part of the machine that placed the heavy amour onto the Spartans.The turnaround time on the models was fairly quick and the pieces would eventually be fully rigged and animated for the episode.

Giro Arm attachments.
The helmet/hood piece,the arm is able to fully retract into the main body.

Saturday, 17 August 2013

CG Modelling - Environment

I'm currently working on a massive update to my main website and rendering out some shots from projects from the last year,in particular some of my work from Halo 4 Spartan Ops series and also updating my blog with some of the model shots.This a couple of quick untextured renders of an early scene I worked on,it was a fairly clean prison corridor environment intended to be largely made up of concrete walls with an overhead security rail system.

Colin Kaszynski 2012

Modelled in Maya 2012.

Friday, 9 August 2013

Modelling for animation 4#

Another character I modelled but ultimately wasn't used in animation I don't think,this is the second version of the puppy dog I built as the first was slightly less stylised model with a more proportionate head/body.It still needed a little additional work adding a collar but thought I would put it into the scene and do a render of it to see how it turned out.

Quick shot I set up and rendered in Mental ray.

Modelled in Maya,click to enlarge.

Thursday, 8 August 2013

Modelling for animation / Environment

Here's a look at some of the environment I modelled/textured and lit for the animation project,the street set was a 1950's american style suburb and I tried to give it a middle america / town feel with wide roads which could be later filled with period cars,water tower and picket fences.As it was for an animation project I also tried to separate the houses by using different colours on the woodwork so each characters house would be more identifiable.

The first house I worked on for the scene was for the animations
love interest. Maya fur and paint fx were used for the vegetation.

Maya screengrab looking out from the porch onto the street.

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Modelling for animation 2#

Second character I modelled for the animation project,this time I had to make different versions of the same person-a young and slightly older woman.The animation was set in the 50's so I tried to go for a bit of that look in the characters clothes and body,initially I over exaggerated the curves on the woman but toned them down a little for the final version.

The younger version of the model un-rigged model.

Slightly older version.

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Modelling for animation 1#

Way back last year I did some work on an animated short modelling environments and characters,I usually prefer darker more stylised work so it was a bit of a change working on something so bright.This is one of the characters I built for the project and based on the concept art I was given,the animation isn't online yet but hopefully will be able to share it when it is.

Modelled in Maya 

Quick screengrab from Maya,more on environment to come.

Click Images to enlarge.

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Game Modelling 2#

Second set of models built for Unity3d game,the tower model is where the player can rotate around the building and expand by adding on sections of buildings representing skills.The tower was built in parts so that the player can spend experience adding what sections they want.The images show the  tower in its complete stage.

Side and back view of main tower and Arcane tower.

Close up of base,click to enlarge.

Game Modelling 1#

A recent project I worked on was modelling assets for a game,'Hoarder' is a real time strategy side-scrolling game that uses Unity3D. These models were created for the battle map where you chose the next location to fight or defend and represent village,town and city size challenges.

Village environment,modelled in Maya 2012.

Town map,with more fortifications.

City map,the player clicks the map icons to start battle.

Monday, 8 July 2013

Model / Concept render

I haven't had a lot of time to blog recently but thought I'd post some shots from a project I worked on a while back.This is an unused concept / model I built a while back for a music video based loosely on a fantasy art cover piece,it was originally going to be composited and rendered in After Fx.

Modelled in Maya 2012

Colin Kaszynski 2013.

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Speed Model - CoffeeCups

Second speed model from this afternoon,very quick scene to build but shading / lighting was a little more complex (still very much a work in progress).

Maya speed modelling,about 40 mins.

Scene close up.

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Speed Model - Headphones

Decided to do some speed modelling this afternoon to make a change from building more complex scenes and see what I could come up with,started with some hard surface modelling a set of headphones in Maya.

Click images to enlarge
Colin Kaszynski 2013

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Mech Concept render

Another couple of  renders I finished up showing a mech concept I played around with,the model was built fairly quickly as I actually pulled the jaw bone from a T-rex skeleton I had built and added hard edges to the teeth to make it more metal looking.

Mech concept design,Colin Kaszynski 2013.
Click images to enlarge.

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Random Render

Was going through some of my modelling work and been rendering out some shots whenever I've been away from the computer (not very much).This was a robot / mech speed model from a year or two back I had hoped to get back to and finish a whole scene for but never found the spare time.I never play about with camera depth  renders so thought I would play around a bit with the shot.

Click to enlarge.

Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Environment Modelling

Recently I've been working on some modelling for an indie RTS/FPS game project called Minions of Steel.Here's a render of some the environment modelling I was working on that was built to be used for a trailer / cinematic.To find out more and support the game visit

Maya modelling / lighting.Colin Kaszynski 2013

Saturday, 27 April 2013

Website / Showreel Update

Finally took a bit of time to update my website and add a game section showing a little of the work I've been developing in my spare time exploring game engines and added a updated showreel. A few projects I've worked on over the last few months are still in development or are print/game based so still holding out to put something together featuring those but for now I've added a little of my Halo 4-Spartan Ops work and modelling projects and updated some of the other pages with a little more info.Check it out here -

Making of Halo 4 Spartan Ops - Part 2

With Spartan Ops now complete I'm working on updating my showreel with some of the shots I worked on from the CG cinematic's,clocking in at 10 episodes and over 50 minutes of full cgi animation this is the 2nd part of Axis animations look at the massive production behind creating the Halo universe as a weekly episodic series.

Monday, 18 March 2013

News & updates

Well it's been a pretty interesting couple of days,my first Cryengine project was featured on several websites including Rock,Paper,Shotgun and .My video received over 41,000 views (and counting) and several thousand blog views over the past few days!.Thanks to the sites that featured my project and for the e-mails and comments on the game project,I'm continuing work on it whenever I have free time and will be sure to post an update on the progress when I have more to show.

Friday, 8 March 2013

Jurassic park: Aftermath - Video

After 3 weeks I decided to put together a first look at the game so far,all footage is captured from the editor.Thanks to for the use of the AI raptors.
Plot : Several weeks after the incident at Jurassic park and while the Costa Rican government is arguing with park funders Ingen to firebomb the island.You are sent to recover valuable data but as you arrive rival company BioSyn has already made similar plans.Something has survived...

Welcome to Jurassic park...

I had a few comments from people unable to view the video because of the audio in Germany,you can see it here if that's an  issue -

Jurassic park:Aftermath - Cryengine 3

I started work in Cryengine 3 by creating my terrain using a heightmap I created in L3DT I worked out a basic landscape shape and the position of the main Jurassic park features.The first area to tackle was the visitor centre,the major issue was scale - how do I have a interior set that's bigger than the exterior (the Tardis effect!).After a bit of hunting I found the solution was to use layer switching in Cryengine.This required making a flowgraph with the exterior model on one layer and the interior on another,as you open and pass through the doors of the visitor centre the exterior deactivates and the interior appears seamlessly.

Landscaping the exterior and pond.

View from across the pond.

For both interior and exterior I looked at creating environment/cube maps,these are used to create accurate reflections for objects like the pond and the marble floors.At this point I started looking more in depth at material property's and lighting effects like global illumination for inside spaces.

Work in progress.Some work still needed on wall textures and 1st floor.

Playing with lighting setup,this shows the interior at 10am.

I started work on sculpting the terrain a little more as I added the Raptor pit,here I looked into using decals to break up some of the flatter textures.I later used decals to add detail to both interior and exteriors by adding cracks to walls and floors as well as dried blood in the visitor centre rotunda.

Work in progress,The digger was a low poly prop I built for my unity game version.

After getting the layouts done I started adding the roads and electronic car rails in which tour the island,with those in place I could get to work on painting in vegetation.

Using environment mapping shaders and checking out materials.

I started exploring  creating decals by creating a logo/load screen in photoshop.

After working on these main areas I started putting in the main fences and building up the vegetation around the central roads and paths.The Jurassic park gate and the beginning of the T-rex paddock were also placed in and experimenting with AI began...

You can also now follow this project on Facebook for updates -

Jurassic park : Aftermath - Modelling

So about a month ago I spent the afternoon playing about in Cryengine 3 and after building a quick environment I was hooked.I decided to bite the bullet and in my spare time over the last three weeks learn the program in more depth and rather than randomly doing tutorials jumped head first into a project.I had been playing with making a Jurassic park game in Unity engine off and on for close to a year so that was my starting point and rather than rebuilding what I had already worked on I returned to the environment of the first film.

I started modelling in Maya and up first was the visitor centre,the model was an interesting challenge as the interior and exterior are pretty unrelated and there's limited information in the film about layout.It's built fairly (but not exact) to the film with the scale differences being tackled later in Cryengine.

The exterior and interior wall/roof height is vastly different in the film.

Click images to enlarge

Next up was the interior,although in the film it appears pretty simple the set itself is pretty much filled with curves,everything from the walls to the bannisters flow and the aim was to keep it relatively low polygon and clean for the game engine.

My main focus was the ground floor and basic layout,you can see the 1st floor still requires extra work.

I added some basic debris but will fill in the missing props later.

The 3rd larger environment model was the raptor enclosure,fairly quick to model as it uses a lot of repeats and mirrors and is a solid blocky structure built to withstand the jungle.

The basic set,lights are to be added later to the side walls.

And finally the Jurassic park ford Explorer.In terms of reference it was the easiest to get images for and too iconic not to include,again I kept the model low poly and worked out the texturing in photoshop.

The base model,the doors at this point are separates so it can later be a usable in game.
Basic texturing,still need to add explorer logo / dirtmaps and interior.

There was lots of other modelling also to be done,electric fences and smaller props such as lights,roadtracks and the Jurassic park gates at this point I began importing into the engine and setting up the basics of the environment...