Saturday, 25 June 2011

Random Render Of The Day

Some very quick textured/ renders of the buggy vehicle from my university VFX / game concept project,the models are pretty low poly and  took about 45mins max to make in Maya.I haven't UV mapped them yet but thought I would try some simple shaders.

Mech Buggy Sci-Fi game concept,Maya model.Colin Kaszynski 2011.
Click Images to enlarge.Colin Kaszynski 2011.

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Random Render Of The Day

I spent a few weeks last year jumping from model to model building different scenes and trying out things in Maya,this scene was built over 2 nights when I was looking into interior lighting.

Unfinished Diner Scene,Modelled in Maya.Colin Kaszynski 2011.

Random Render Of The Day

A quick play around at creating characters,this was one of
my earliest attempts in 3d work.

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Random Render Of The Day

Quick/unfinished concept model I built some time ago,I was going to add a character crouching behind the dumpster and destruction in the background.The scene was good practice for my final university project,modelled in Maya in about 6 hours.

Concept robot/city scene.Colin Kaszynski 2011.

Sunday, 19 June 2011

The Setup Machine 2 Review

I hate rigging,most folk do.So soon as I had to animate a character model I built the first thing I did was google "Maya auto rigger".There is actually a fair few available for free on Creative Crash but the results are hit and miss,first one I tried was Creature tools which rigs both biped and quadruped characters but didn't seem to work at doing either that well.I had heard a few mentions of Anzovin studio's "the setup machine" and decided to give it a go.Installing it was straight forward and the manual actually was pretty clear for once and after playing about I actually had a rigged character in about 5 minutes,yeah it actually works!.
To rig a character you define the mesh you want to rig and then place a series of tubes over the limbs to set the legs/arms etc,a few adjustments and you hit rig.

Defining the characters limbs before rigging.

Initially its a pretty simple setup but it offers various options for paint weighting in order to get limbs moving correct and a basic character can be done in no time.
The project i used the rigged character was for university which meant that I would be working both at home on windows PC and in class on a Mac which didn't have the program installed,luckily characters rigged and saved in Maya scenes work on either and I had no problems with compatibility,I also upgraded my version of Maya and had no problems bringing the rig into the newer version.

Final rig for my clown character.Colin Kaszynski 2011.

Overall a definite recommend for anyone who has little or no knowledge about rigging or simply hates doing it and there is also an auto face rigger. Check it out here -The Setup Machine

Random Render Of The Day

Back at the start of third year we had 3 one week animation projects to get us going,we were given a phrase and had to create a quick animation based on it.Mines was "if you cant ride two horses at a time don't join the circus", I changed it around a bit and turned the horse rider into a knife throwing clown.I built and textured the clown in 2 days for the scene and used "the setup machine" to rig him.

                     Clown Maya Model.Colin Kaszynski 2010

Saturday, 11 June 2011

Sci-Fi Mech Modelling scenes

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Random render of the day...

Just a couple of quick renders of a mech car that appeared in my vfx final project,the original scene and models were never textured so I thought I would look at some of the objects and play around with different shaders and lighting.The Mech car took about an hour to model.

Sci-fi car model made in Maya for staffs uni vfx project

Colin Kaszynski 2011

Saturday, 4 June 2011

Speed Drawing Mini Ninja Concepts

 These are some quick drawings I did last year for a university project,I created around 40 concepts for a 3rd years final animation which was inspired by the Mini Ninjas game.I had a look at some images from the game and Japanese art / Samurai images then tried out some different styles,each image took 15-20mins using Photoshop and Wacom.

Mini Ninjas concept art,colin kaszynski 2010

Speed Sketch Mini Ninja
Cutout style concept
Click Images to enlarge.

Friday, 3 June 2011

Speed Model Surgery

I done some quick modelling for another 3rd years animation project,building a surgery / hospital room for a werewolf transformation.Took about an hour to model the whole scene in Maya with some basic textures and done some quick renders,It was built from a reference photo and I lit the scene pretty simply to keep the render times down.