Sunday, 30 September 2012

Random re-render: Sci-Fi hallway

Since I got my new pc I've been going over some old work and checking them out,rendering is insanely fast compared to my laptop so I decided to re-render some work at higher quality for when I update my website in the coming months.Long render times meant I had to hold back on adding in details to a lot of scenes because I knew I just couldn't get them rendered when they were finished.This is I scene I built earlier this summer,the render on my laptop took well over 12 hours..on my new pc at higher quality it took under 10 mins.I still have to try out my PC in over-clocked mode to and see how that compares.

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Friday, 28 September 2012

Unity fantasy world update

Finally found some time to update this project,originally this environment was built fairly quickly using Maya and Unity 3D but my old laptop didn't run it very smoothly.I got a new rendering rig from pc specialist last month and made some changes and updated the map.You can still see in the later sections where the environment isn't finished and its missing a lot of bump maps but this was one of my first Unity environments I built just for fun and a challenge.
Check it out in HD if you can...

Sunday, 9 September 2012

Exploring Cryengine...

Found some spare time to play about in Cryengine 3,was having some trouble getting the layer textures working but turned out to a minor glitch with the version I had downloaded.Decided to import model from Jurassic park game project I was making for Unity and test out some the lighting and tools,still just learning the basics and discovering the menus. Wouldn't say the layout of Cryengine is the most intuitive to learn and it seems to crash far to often.

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Bamboo hotel,built for Unity engine originally / missing bump and spec maps.