Tuesday, 27 September 2016

There will be blood!...Vfx Test

Amityville horror house Exterior - Work in progress

Working on the final lighting setup and starting to detail the landscape,street and adding garden props. Using a custom Unreal 4 post processing settings for a film and sharpness,the interior will have it's own post processing with a muted 1970's polaroid style.

Saturday, 10 September 2016

Amityville '76 - Interior modelling 2#

Some more work in progress images,working on detailing the kitchen a bit and adding smaller items.
Basement pool room has all the main items the actual location had and the washer room has lots to go in (washing/dryers,clothes lines).

Kitchen progress - need a lighting pass.

Pool room

Wash/dryer room (seen in The Conjuring 2).

Amityville '76 - Interior modelling

Progress modelling and setting up environments in UE4,lighting is work in progress and materials need a second pass of detail and grime added to some items.Lights / door interaction has been added and I've been experimenting with tonemapping / post-processing to add a 1970's vibe.

Dining room,small interactive props to be added.

Foyer,needs some material adjustment and a few items.

Master bedroom,some small props and reflections to be added.