Tuesday, 18 December 2018

Stellar Tactics - Set out into the void!

I wrote a little about Stellar Tactics last year when I worked on some environments and modelling space stations for the Steam game. Since then the game has continued to develop on a massive scale...literally adding a sandbox universe to explore and a ton of new content,patches and more.

If you haven't heard of the game before it's a turn based /tactical sci-fi rts / rpg in which you can explore planets,space stations and outposts and is packed with customisation,combat and upgrades.

A few months back I worked on some new content for the game including putting together some new levels and working on some new ships to be added to the game in a future update.

The ships were built in Maya and textured in Substance painter and the aim was to keep them in the 3- 7,000 poly range with a little higher for some of the bigger cargo ships. Each of the ship has additional customisation with turret points and upgrades that can be added. I've been experimenting with 'Marmoset Toolbag' recently so put together some turntable renders and .Gifs of some of the models.

Stellar Tactics is currently in early access on Steam with frequent updates and active development,
for more information please check out the link below to the Steam store page.

DreambackVr - Indie horror

Another project I've been working on this year is an upcoming VR / Unreal 4 indie game called 'DreambackVR'. The horror game is set in sprawling mansion as you explore the haunted halls,solve puzzles and unlock hidden secrets.

I was responsible for building the the initial phase of environments,taking pre-existing assets and making a cohesive mansion,initial lighting set up,modelling and modifying props and materials. The mansion was built around a central courtyard with multiple levels and vantage points which meant adapting the modular parts to fit and re-texturing in Substance Painter.

Early version with some test lighting.

Corridor lighting test.
The house appears in two time periods during game play along with the exterior of the house and surrounding forest area. One of the central characters in the game is a doctor so I looked at references for old medical operating theatre's as well as influences of mystical / occult items relevant to the time period. The levels of the house also have servant quarters, storage and formal areas similar to what would appear in large mansion during the period.

One of the guest bedrooms.
 The game is currently still in development with plans to release with full VR support via Steam sometime in 2019, more about the project can be found at http://comeovergaming.com/video-games/dreambackvr

Monday, 17 December 2018

Collision Course - Humans, Dinosaurs and Droids.

Earlier this year I worked on expanding the environments for early access indie game Collision Course.

Built in Cryengine the open world game takes place after you crash land on a prehistoric world. Currently the game features a large open world with unscripted AI encounters,crafting/survival and environmental events.

My work was on the project was focused on an undeveloped section of the map,adding grasslands and plains,rivers and additional cliff areas and integrating it with the existing map. The games latest patch added a new AI herding system as well as Parasaurolophus and the plains were the perfect spot for some dinosaur sight seeing.

It had been a while since I used Cryengine but as far dense exterior environments and exterior lighting go the engines capability's are still pretty additive,after working mostly with Unreal 4 it was an interesting to compare them both.Collision Course is attempting to make the most of the engine with day cycles, lava and flowing rivers and seeing dinosaurs roaming is sure to bring back those Jurassic Park vibes.

For more information about the game,it's progress and to see out the trailer check out the link to the Steam page below.

Amityville - Sequencer Test 1#

Experimenting with Unreal 4's sequencer for fun and decided to animate a handheld style footage shot of my Amityville house model. The static and screen effects are both built in and some additional work in editing, I plan to make a more complete tour of the house at some point in a similar style.

Saturday, 23 June 2018

Amityville '76 - Concept poster

Quick little challenge I worked on making a early 80's style poster sheet for my Amityville project.

I looked at the original theatrical posters for the first 2 Amityville movies for a bit of inspiration and the background is an in-game screenshot.

Amityville - Engine update

The past few months I've been working on a couple of different project and not had a huge amount of time to work on my own little side project but finally got a few hours to get back into it.

First priority was an engine update, made the jump from Unreal 4.17 - 4.19 with not too many issue's coming up (hopefully it fixed a few I had also). The environment itself is nearing completion of the first major stage, only one room totally empty so next step is details,props..and more props.