Sunday, 19 August 2012

Coming soon...

I haven't been updating a lot over the last month or two,it's been a bit crazy with some major stuff going on but there's some very big updates coming in the near future.First off I finished off a major project,cant say a lot at the moment but it was some very cool/hard work,also done lots of modelling for another project and should be able to show off some images off that soon.Major change was updating to a totally new computer,invested some serious cash getting a whole new setup that can render nice and fast.One of the first things I wanted to try out was Cryengine 3 so been playing about in that whenever I've had any spare time,just learning the basics of importing,lighting and environments.This is the first thing I put together,just a really quick import of a model built for my Jurassic park Unity project that I used to play around with some of Cryengine's features.

The monorail station I built for Unity engine