Thursday, 27 April 2017

Amityville - Teaser

Spent an afternoon exploring with Unreal 4's sequencer and matinee,mostly just needed a break from modelling and wanted to use some of the tools I'm less familiar with.
I ended up putting together a little teaser video for fun in the editor,still a lot of progress needed on filing the house model with more objects.Also been testing out the latest preview version of Unreal,still seems to have a lighting bug unfortunately but new volumetric lighting looks interesting.

Thursday, 20 April 2017

Amityville progress - Master bedroom 360

360 image showing work in progress on the master bedroom,over the last week I worked on updating the scale of the model to be more accurate as well as adding some additional items and experimenting with baking the lighting. The reflections in the 360 image didn't turn out as expected so will have to look into that issue as well as adding clutter to the room although currently is very close to how the room was photographed in 1976.

Amityville '76 - Master Bedroom
Controls make take a moment to load

Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Showreel update

Working on some website updates and a little adjusting of my showreel,latest version with some additional footage toward the end.

Random Render of the day - Mech Walker

Not posted much of the more random projects / models I worked on in a while but came across this little mech model I made for a short project I worked on last year.The model was to be used for a top down game browser rts game and would have been rigged and shot as animation sequences for the game.