Friday, 8 March 2013

Jurassic park:Aftermath - Cryengine 3

I started work in Cryengine 3 by creating my terrain using a heightmap I created in L3DT I worked out a basic landscape shape and the position of the main Jurassic park features.The first area to tackle was the visitor centre,the major issue was scale - how do I have a interior set that's bigger than the exterior (the Tardis effect!).After a bit of hunting I found the solution was to use layer switching in Cryengine.This required making a flowgraph with the exterior model on one layer and the interior on another,as you open and pass through the doors of the visitor centre the exterior deactivates and the interior appears seamlessly.

Landscaping the exterior and pond.

View from across the pond.

For both interior and exterior I looked at creating environment/cube maps,these are used to create accurate reflections for objects like the pond and the marble floors.At this point I started looking more in depth at material property's and lighting effects like global illumination for inside spaces.

Work in progress.Some work still needed on wall textures and 1st floor.

Playing with lighting setup,this shows the interior at 10am.

I started work on sculpting the terrain a little more as I added the Raptor pit,here I looked into using decals to break up some of the flatter textures.I later used decals to add detail to both interior and exteriors by adding cracks to walls and floors as well as dried blood in the visitor centre rotunda.

Work in progress,The digger was a low poly prop I built for my unity game version.

After getting the layouts done I started adding the roads and electronic car rails in which tour the island,with those in place I could get to work on painting in vegetation.

Using environment mapping shaders and checking out materials.

I started exploring  creating decals by creating a logo/load screen in photoshop.

After working on these main areas I started putting in the main fences and building up the vegetation around the central roads and paths.The Jurassic park gate and the beginning of the T-rex paddock were also placed in and experimenting with AI began...

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Kira Dogsvaldo da Silva said...

Wow awesome dude my dream is to play a decent jurassic park game

ihsaan jowaheer said...

awesome bro love your work, the jurassic park game you a makeing will be the best im a big fan, i was also born on the same day the first jurassic park movie came out. thx for your hard work.

Anonymous said...

I'm more than sure you got a top seller here company's will go crazy trying to buy the right's to this well done

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