Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Trespasser: Low poly props

Adding some more models into my Jurassic park game project,low poly digger and construction site lights and cabin.The digger was built fairly quickly and still needs some texture work and extra detail to the front section,built in Maya.

Click to enlarge images.Shot from in the game engine,terrain is unfinished.

Digger prop needs additional work and bump mapping.


Road Warrior said...

Greetings. I discovered your blog very recently and just had to say "damn fine work, sir" Looong time Trespasser fan myself and just yesterday I joined over at Trescom(Alot of cool stuff over there)where I happend to find your thread. Excellent project you got going.

Of possible future interest...

^ You may want to check that out as the galleries could come in handy with future low-poly equipment.

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