Sunday, 8 April 2012

Jurassic park:Gameplay

I thought I'd add some information on this project since I've had some questions and have only really been showing screenshots here on my blog.
This project started just over a month ago and I've been working about an hour or two a day on the project,its a solo project and the aim was originally to create something for my portfolio and also something Jurassic park based.So far after about 30 hours work the modelling of the first level is almost finished and I'm now adding trees,vegetation and painting the landscape as well as getting the technical stuff sorted like collisions and sounds.I'm using Unity to make the game,for one reason..Cryengine doesn't run well on my laptop,simple as that.
So what about the gameplay?..I've been looking into how dinosaur AI could be done since before the project started and checking out potential prefab sets that could be used in the game,as with the original Trespasser my game isn't intended to be a dinosaur shooter,I'm more interested in creating something closer to survival and exploration game.

Check out the construction site for an idea of scale.


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