Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Unity game project : Day 1

Today I start a new mini project... that's epic of course. I'm building a low poly but large scale open world environment in Maya and Unity engine, I've gone for a fairly traditional fantasy style (so far) in this scene partly because its not a style I would usually go for and for the starting area of this map it works.Lot of modelling,textures and detail to add,first shots show the basic landscaping and today's props.

Entrance to the first village,everything built by me
except the trees.Lots of vegetation to add.
The mountains are roughed out and will develop as I go,
these shots are from in the program (not final in game).


Anonymous said...

Cool could you make a tutorial for the houses plz i use 3ds max for my modelling

colin kay said...

I use Maya,I don't know Max well enough to do a tutorial at the moment.The houses are very simple,mostly made from boxes.

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