Saturday, 6 August 2011

Review: Daylight Visualizer

Another day another program,VELUX Daylight Visualizer is basically a program for render interiors with natural lighting,it also builds custom rooms and features presets of objects and materials as well as settings to calculate light based on country,day of the year and time.In a matter of minutes you can learn almost every setting and setup and rendering a fairly high quality image or animation,the rendering takes no time.

A basic scene i created in just 2 mins and lowest quality render setting which took about 2 mins
The program claims to support importing .obj files and others but i wasn't able to get it working sadly,its pretty much the only fault i found in the program as it delivers nice renders fast.Its currently on version 2 and free for downloading at less than 50mb (it does watermark renders but only at bottom) and later versions would be well worth checking out.Available here -

Another low setting / ultra quick render using material and object presets.There's some artifacts on render but given the low settings is understandable.


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