Friday, 26 August 2011

Amnesia: Making of the Game

Amnesia: the dark descent is best known for it YouTube reaction videos of players letting out yelps and screams while playing the game, its pretty good at mixing point and click,survival horror and physics to create something original.After finishing the game I noticed that among the install files was one called "super secret Rar ",so I went straight to google.It turns out the multiple endings of the game give sections of a password that opens the file and inside there's a fairly expansive making of,over 200mb worth of videos,images and production booklets.

Behind the scene images show Maya modelling for game details.

PDF,PowerPoint's and word files breakdown  production,
selling points and pitch the story's unique elements

The majority of making of books tend to gloss over a lot but here you get to see development of the game engine itself and a host of pdf and even PowerPoint pitching the game (presumably to investors) and its features,they show initial ideas and breakdowns of story and basically try to sell the game at its earliest stage.It's an interesting look into behind the scenes of a game and worth checking out even if you aren't a gamer.


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