Saturday, 10 January 2015

JP:Aftermath - Environments progress

Here's a bunch of progress/ general image shots covering recent work on the environments.The majority of the work was on adding the waterfall (still in the early stages),exploring particles and I also worked on adding the road and putting in a large tunnel.I expanded some of the surrounding area towards the main section of the park,began work on a small lake and I'm in early stages of adding the kitchen interior.

wip - since updated some of the rock textures

not exactly like the film but matching particle scales has been an issue

Tunnel entrance which runs through hillside,will be adding a lot to interior 

Tunnel exit,adding some vegetation variety into the map 

making this area a little less dense,the lake is just over the ridge.

very early stages of the kitchen,lots of props to add.

once everything's in place will add cube map reflections for the polished metals


Chen Liang said...

You are awesome,really hope I can see it one day.

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