Sunday, 27 July 2014

Crackdown - E3 Trailer

This year I was lucky enough to be involved in two projects for E3 2014,the first being the trailer for an all new Crackdown game for Xbox One.I was involved in layout as well as a little modelling for the trailer,it was a great project to be involved with that has a really unique style,some fantastic use of colour and an epic finale.

"The long-awaited new instalment of a gaming favourite! Microsoft is bringing a whole new meaning to open world gaming and Axis has had the joy of bringing that vision to life in our brand new trailer for Crackdown on Xbox One.
The Agency is back and it's time to show what new tricks they have up their nano-tech sleeves. The reveals will blow you away.Director Stephen Donnelly worked closely with the Art and Design team on the game to create a unique visual style that’s simply stunning. This feast for the eyes will set your heart racing and move you to the edge of your seat as our highly choreographed chain of events unfolds and defies expectations.....
It’s bigger, it’s better and it’s new and exclusive for Xbox One."Copyright by Axis Animation & Microsoft.


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