Sunday, 27 April 2014

Jurassic Park Aftermath - AI


Cory Bro said...

i love the raptor movements but i have alot of things that if u added them this game would be the best game ever, raptors nest around the map with raptor guards protecting the eggs while a pack of raptors go out and fledgling raptors that get eaten by compys but have a chance to be protected by the guard raptors and you can try to steal the eggs, raptors are faster than the player so the only way to escape is to hide or fight, add in tree climbing as a way to escape raptors only some trees are climbable and you have to wait a while and theres a chance the raptors are still waiting in the shadows for you to climb down you can throw rocks or break off sticks from the tree to distract the raptors, also healing animations like far cry 3, the raptors shpuld try to flank you and sniff around you curiously before attacking because them just making a bee line towards you would look bad also have a short cutscene for deaths and when getting attacked like just barely dodging a bite to the face and getting your arm bit or something( this could be very creative and would be fun when attacked by compys) I would absolutely love a lan co op feature just for 1-3 other friends. also can u make dinosaurs interact with eachother i.e. raptors hunting in packs to take down stegosaurus and taking out the sickest of the flock of gallimimus or something, If you take any eggs you might be able to take it back to the mainland but when you take it you will be targeted by raptors untill u give it back or escape, stealth features for hiding , anger levels for dinosaurs ( example: you steal raptor egg, raptors are now angry instead of neutral. this could make dinosaurs rampage if u attack them and anger them, things like eating and drinking could make its anger level go down and the lower the anger level the lower the chance of you getting attacked, also add in the ability to craft shelters out of sticks and be able to have an inventory and crafting system where you can live on the island as a sandbox and hunt dinosaurs for food or you can escape this would give it a huge amount of re playability along with coop it would be great and maybe you could craft a boat to try to escape but there are mososaurs that will try to kill you to discourage trying to escape that way, add in small cave or big trees that the player can take shelter in during night and it would be good if the day and night cyle was an hour each and these shelters can be savepoints. by the end if you have gathered enough biological materials you can decide to give it to ingen and recieve credit and thanks or sell it to biosyn for big bucks this would give the player a chance to choose their side. there could also be another gamemode for running away from several rampageing trexs which would be fun, the reason why i am asking this from you is because i believe that all of this together with what you have got in already could make this the perfect jurassic park game that all jp fans and some non jp fans will love playing I could go on and on and on and on and on and on... about what you could add in but I don't even know if any of it is possible but if you could add in even a few of these features this would be my dream game and so yeah i would pay over $100 bucks for a game like that

Cory Bro said...

Sorry about the long comment I just had to nerdgasm it all out at once but yeah it could be the best game ever made ( atleast to me) if any of this was added in

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