Friday, 14 February 2014

Jurassic Park: Aftermath update 3

Here's some in-game footage from my work on my Jurassic park Cryengine map,I re-worked the gates to be functional based on area triggers and have sound and also added two additional buildings. The landscaping is currently a work in progress.


Roel Heesterbeek said...

Hi Colin,

you've really amazed me on the quality you deliver on modeling! Not only the architecture (which i really stunning) but also the detail you've already given on the environment!
Where did you get all these blueprints of the structures, and the details such as the familiar road sign's?

I'm really curious on where you are planning to take these hours you put into this project. What is your goal with this project, if there is already one :)

In short, I really love what you are doing here! And I would like to know more about your ambitions!
Hope to hear from you!

colin kaszynski said...

Thanks,I used the movie mostly for reference..a lot of pausing and looking close plus got some help from internet.My goal is to make something playable even if it isn't complete,just something to explore that has the feel of the Jurassic park movie.

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