Thursday, 10 January 2013

Jurassic Park - Cryengine speed challenge

It's been a while since I tried out Cryengine and I finally found a few hours to get back into it and explore a bit more.I decided to do a speed challenge and put together an environment to learn some of the programs features more in depth and get a better understanding of the Maya import process.
I brought in some models from my Unity remake of the Jurassic park game "Trespasser" and started building the first level of that game.It's fairly basic and has a good few faults from textures/scales to the lack of storm clouds but for 4 hours of work I learnt a fair bit.


Anonymous said...


just saw a few of your Trespasser remake videos. Really cool! I totally recognized the locations :).
I think the cry-engine is perfect for such a game.
Just wondered if you know about this other Jurassic Park themed cry-engine mod called 'Project Crynosaurs | Return to Jurassic Park' (
They are not doing a remake but some kind of open world game. But they have working dinosaurs.
Maybe you could help each other out.

Best wishes,

colin kay said...

Cheers,I've checked out there demo actually it's pretty good and has some nice working AI. I'm a bit early on in learning Cryengine to join a team project but trying to learn it in any free time I have.

Anonymous said...

My god!! Please finish the all game! I will even pay for it!! :D

colin kaszynski said...

thanks lol,stay tuned I have a pretty big update coming soon!

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