Friday, 16 March 2012

Unity tips and tricks: Modelling stage

Getting a good performance out of Unity in large open worlds can be tough so optimising needs to start at the modelling stage.These are some quick things I've discovered as I've been learning on my latest project that can help keep frame rates smooth.

When it comes to mesh's the trick is to combine,Unity has a combine script but I found it caused the start up of my game to be really slow.There are a couple of scripts available to combine in the editor but I haven't found the results to be great.In the modelling stage in makes sense to combine objects into one and delete history and junk that may be left behind,this reduces the file size also.If you have a static set then try to break it into chunks (1500-4000 triangles per mesh) and make it use the same single single texture map and material.

Hotel set is one model,using one 4k map.Interior objects will be added to this map

Model in stages starting with a low detail version and play builds of the game as you go to keep things in check,Unity has some great asset sets but many of them (the tree sets in particular) will kill frame rates.

Modelling buildings quickly is a lot easier than it looks,if you make just a couple of basic building shapes you can add small changes to make them appear different.Make sure the normals are facing the correct way and also if you can run Unity and whatever modelling program you use you can export to Unity and see your model updated instantly.


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