Monday, 26 September 2011

Review: Sculptris

While checking out Zbrush's website I came across 'Sculptris',created by the same people its basically a cut down version of zbrush and a competitor to Mudbox with one major difference..its free!.At 20mb I downloaded it and gave it a go,unlike zbrush the interface is immediately accessible and clean,it doesn't have the same head/body presets but does has the option to import any .obj files as well as a library of materials.
The program has two key features..firstly you can paint color and texture directly onto the model (like Mudbox) and secondly (unlike Mubox) when you sculpt you can increase the detail in one area without upping the geometry of the whole model.This allows you to drag out areas like tentacles or entire limbs.
It's currently an Alpha release so more features are to be added but as it is if you're looking to try out digital sculpting not only is free its intuitive and fun to use.
Sign up free and download here- SCULPTRIS!

My first attempt in Sculptris,10mins modelling from a sphere.


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