Saturday, 28 May 2011

Unity 3 3D with Maya Review

I decided to give Unity 3 3D game development a try over the last few days,its basically a program for creating multi-platform games fairly easily and quickly and it supports importing Maya objects but i thought it would also be a useful way to real time 3d scenes.The interface and setup is actually pretty easy to learn and the main draw was that i was able to import Maya scenes in just a few minutes,just put your Maya file into the Unity project folder and it converts it and imports it.When it comes to lighting and rendering its all easy to set up but sadly the final result isn't quite what id hoped for,you can achieve better results by baking lighting into static objects but the engine has some clear limitations.Looking around the web you start to find the number of videos showcasing the engine are limited.It was worth trying and future releases might be interesting to check out,time to try the  Unreal Engine...

EDIT-- More in depth look at Unity 3 with renders here-


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